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Query is another term for "keyword" or "search term." Within Google AdWords, search query reports show the actual terms that searchers used to click on your ads, as opposed to the advertised keyword that is in your account. These two sets of words may or may not be the same.

How well a particular Web page or Web site is listed in the Search Engine's Results. For example, a Web page about apples may be listed in response to a query for "apples." However, "rank" indicates where exactly it was listed – be it on the first page of results, the second page or perhaps the 200th page. Alternatively, it might also be said to be ranked first among all the results, or 12th, or 111th. Overall, saying a page is "listed" only means that it can be found within a search engine in response to a query, not that it necessarily ranks well for that query. Also known as position.

Real Simple Syndication (RSS)
An increasingly popular new technology that allows information to be easily shared on Web sites or given directly to users per their request.. RSS feeds create new online advertising opportunities, although marketers are still debating how best to use them.

Reciprocal Link
A link exchange between two sites. Both sites will display a link to the other site somewhere on their pages. This type of link is generally much less desirable than a one-way inbound link.

Remarketing is Google's term for retargeting.

Results Page
Also referred to as a Search Engine Results Page.

Think of retargeting like cyberstalking. Someone visits your site and has a cookie placed on her or his computer. Then as they go visiting other sites around the Web, your ad appears in front of them, as a banner or other type of display ad, on the page itself. Various targeting options exist, including only showing ads when a certain page has been visited (such as a paid search landing page) and an action has not been completed (e.g. a conversion). Retargeting can be done through services like the Google AdWords Display Network or outside third party services.

Return on Investment (ROI)
The key statistic for many companies: are your advertisements generating profits, and how much profit given the money you have had to pay.

Rich Media
Web advertisements or pages that are more animated and/or interactive than static Banners or pages.

Robot or Bot
See Crawler.

A file used to keep Web pages from being indexed or to tell which pages you want a search engine to index.

Run of Site (ROS)
A contract specifying Run of Site means that a Banner or other type of online advertisement can appear on any page, and usually in any open placement, of a particular Web site. is the first website established by DNS Technology Consultants, Inc. The main purpose of the site is to provide information to webmasters and website owners on how to maintain and optimize websites for not only Search Engine Optimization, but for conversion of potential clients to long term customers through the use of company or organization websites.

SEO Optimization

If you would need any assistance in development, hosting, social network, design, SEO Optimization, or just plain training, please feel free to contact us for a quote or a question using our contact us form.

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