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The 10 Golden Rules to Attracting Authority Links

High-Authority-Backlinks-300x266Through some research I was doing, I came across the term “Authority Links.”  Of course I wasn’t sure what these were, what this a new buzz word on the net, should I know what these are?  Well, I highlighted it and hopes of having some time to come back to it and do some research.

It is well known that links back to your blog or website will account for 42.8% (2011 statistics) of your Page Level Link Metrics for your Google Page Rank, but the importance of those links or quality may outweigh the quantity.  There is where authority links comes in.  For example, if there was a link from the Google Blog to your site, the “link juice” that they would provide would be much greater than being linked within 100 other web directories. 

Again, within my research, I have game across a post that gives 10 ways to attract authority links.  This one is worth some reading.  Here is the summary, please click on the link below for the details.

  1. Write content that attracts Editorial In-content Links
  2. Fix other people’s broken links
  3. Create a desirable image library
  4. Offer to write a column or do a guest post
  5. Go to where your target audience hangs out
  6. Fill gaps in content
  7. Contact big media at the right time
  8. Approach government or education sites
  9. Buy links without penalty
  10. Know the difference between a good and a bad site

This is a very well written article.  Connect to the article The 10 Golden rules to Attracting Authority Links by Neil Patel for more details.

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Trend Spotting to Stay Ahead

240x180xtrend-300x225_jpg_pagespeed_ic_7LUK6TJE29If viral advertising, social media, and apps are foreign concepts to you, it might be a good idea to freshen your familiarity with the trends that are happening in the world around you. It is easy to fall into the trap of doing business as you always have, but in today’s global business climate the best way for your business to stay competitive is to utilize the hottest trends to make them work for you and keep your business up to date. There are a wide variety of trends that may or may not be right for your business, but this article from offers four trends that your business should be taking advantage of right NOW.

The article covers going mobile, social deal sites, subscription services, and incorporating seniors into your marketing and staff. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a great deal of trends that are becoming so widespread that they are no longer talked about as trends, but as just another reality of the business world. By keeping up to date on the ways that you can increase your business and have it expand to fill the needs and wants of both your consumers and yourself, you are doing your best to stay competitive.

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9 Tips to Boost Your Business With Pinterest

pinterestI came across this article on how to boost your business with Pinterest.  Very interesting information and worth a look.  Here I am providing a checklist, but please read the full article for details.

1. Spend the time
2. Keep it simple
3. Connect your physical presence with your online presence
4. Make sure your business is a match
5. Use other social nets to feed Pinterest
6. Launch a daily pin theme
7. Promote more than products
8. Follow the big hitters
9. Selective curating

Here is the complete article:

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Dimensions for Facebook Images


With Facebook forcing everyone one including business fan pages to go to the new timeline, there are some advantages.

One of these advantages is that you customize several of the images on the timeline.

I am often looking this information up, so I thought it would be helpful to me (as well as others) to do a post with the dimensions of the images that are used on the new Facebook Timeline.

  • Cover Image: 851 X 315
  • Profile Picture: 180 X 180
  • Custom Thumbnails: 111 X 74
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Keep Your Customers Engaged on Facebook

imagesCADHUC31Now that you have successfully created a company Facebook page, how do you use it to keep your customers engaged?  Well, I made a comment during a presentation a few weeks ago that I really think is appropriate for this post… “One thing you need to consider is Facebook should be used as a communication tool to help keep a relationship between your current clients and potential clients.”  It should not be your business website, to me that does not portray that you are a professional business.

Yes, I agree.. .there are over 8 million people on Facebook… true… but this traffic should be considered to be short term and here is why… ready?  listen closely…


No, they go on Facebook to engage in a digital conversation with their friends and family.

So, as the smart business owner that you are, how can you tap into that to get your name in from of those 8 million people?

Here are some suggestions, some of which I have found on the Internet and others that I have successfully used myself:

  1. Keep your content updated.  Post to your page on a regular basis.  Content that is updated on a regular basis will get your name in front of your clients on a regular basis.
  2. Take advantage of the new Timeline.  Add milestones for your business.
  3. Share news that is relevant to your industry.  Do a little research on the Internet, if you find something that is important relating to your industry, share it.
  4. Post pictures of your store, vehicle, work space (or work).  People like to feel like that are involved, if you are manufacturing a product post pictures of you working.
  5. Introduce members of your team.  This is a great way for your clients to get to know your staff.
  6. Post pictures of your clients in your store and ask them to go onto your Facebook and tag themselves.  Again, people love to be involved.
  7. Once you start getting interactivity on your Facebook page, start posting questions either about your business or industry.  Ask for feedback.

No matter what you do with your page, it is a wonderful tool to get your name out there and in the minds of your clients.  Just don’t give up, you will be happy you did it later.

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Should I have a different account on Facebook for my Business?

I have debated this topic with many business owners in the past; however, according to the terms of use with Facebook, here is the proper way to get your business on Facebook.

  1. Create a personal account.
  2. Create a page for your business that you can administer from your personal account.

When I first created my Facebook account, the only purpose I had to be on Facebook was for business reasons. Well, according to my way of thinking, but my probably was I had several different businesses. I did not want to have to create a separate account for each one of my businesses so I delved into the barrage of Facebook tips. The one I picked is the one I promote… have a personal account and create a business page. On some of my business pages, I also grant other accounts administrative rights so that they can post updates as the page as well. Works very well and they way it should work.

Should you have an account that is under your business name? No, and here is why:

  1. You will have to confirm the like of every new person.
  2. You will not be able to add any applications to your business page.
  3. You will not be able to separate business from your personal friends.
  4. You will not be able to change your landing page if you ever get into any type of promotions or customization of your business page.
  5. You will limit yourself in the ways of social network marketing if you do not have a business page.

There may be those who disagree with me, but this is the way I do it and what I recommend to others about how to do it.

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Color Hunter Website

If you have every got stumped on coming up with a color scheme for a website, try the Color Hunter website at

With this website, you can upload an image, and the site will generate an odd number of colors (five) that can be used as the color palette for your web design and layout.

This is a great site too to give to clients to help them determine what they are looking for with the design. We sometimes save these swatches and e-mail them to the client as well.

This site has been added to our Utilities and resources page too. GREAT TOOL!

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Adding Google +1 to Your Website

We will have more information on this at a later date (as to why you want to add this to your site if you have social networking links), but for now, we would like to just provide the page that will help you setup your Google +1 button.

The page is:

Once you add this to your site, your visitors can then click on the Google +1 icon to share the information within Google + (and within the search results for your page).

Again, as mentioned before, we will have more information on this later.

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Where Do You Start?

This is one of the most comprehensive resources for planning a web page that we have ever seen. Just about every facet of planning website is covered from beginning to end. It is an invaluable resource for those looking to get a website started or for those that have been unhappy with their current site, looking to start fresh. We cannot recommend this article strongly enough.

View Article

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