DNSTC 3-5-3 ROI PlanDoes your web site bring you the business you expect it to bring? Do you know why it doesn’t? Do you want to fix the issues? Through many years of research and testing, DNS Technology Consultants, Inc. has established the 3-5-3 ROI Plan to help small business owners with determining what is wrong with their site and how they can make it better to increase their return on investment.

Web design, search engine optimization, taking your web site to the next level, social media, whatever terms or "buzz words" you want use, the bottom line is this; every web site owner wants to get referrals and/or sales from their web site. This is what we at DNS Technology Consultants, Inc, refer to as a Return on Investment or ROI. How much you spend on your Internet marketing should adversely affect your ROI rate. If it does’t then there of course is a problem someplace. This is why we have created the 3-5-3 ROI Plan. The 3-5-3 plan has 3 phases, with 5 action items, that have 3 benchmarks.

It is meant to be a blueprint for establishing or increasing the return of investment from your Internet presence. Here is how it works:

(Establish or redesign site so that it is SEO friendly)
(SEO Optimize your Site)
(Site Enhancements)
  1. Review all HTML and Meta Tags
  2. Review all content
  3. Establish Tracking and submission schedule
  4. Review base keyword optimization
  5. Establish and implement a well organized purpose for web site.
  1. Analyze and Plan your site optimization
  2. Establish a well planned back linking strategy
  3. Establish and implement a community building strategy.
  4. Establish an ongoing content changing strategy.
  5. Establish a well organized social media implementation strategy.
  1. Establish a mobile version of your web site.
  2. Establish a phone or mobile device applications for web site.
  3. Establish an on-line ad budget and campaign.
  4. Increase community Interaction.
  5. Offer something different on your web site to draw in additional visitors.
ESTIMATED COST: $800 - $2500 depending on content and complexity. This price does not include annual hosting or domain registration charges. ESTIMATED COST: $500-$2000 over 6-12 months. This involves a lot of technical analysis, monitoring, and coding changes. ESTIMATED COST: $1000 - $10,000 depending on how intense you want your web site and how large you want to grow on the Internet.

Here are some general guideline for the implementation of this plan:

  1. Most web sites fall under or before Phase I and they should be under Phase III.
  2. A web site should not move into Phase II without having Phase I completed.
  3. It is not implied within the plan, but several off-line web site promotional policies should be in place.
  4. A web site review must be completed in order for a web site to be considered Phase I compatible. This review includes a report that analyzes the site for coding errors and accessibility issues.
  5. Back linking campaigns may last as long as 12 months if not longer depending on how many back links are needed for the site.
  6. In order for some tracking implementation, uploading of additional files within the web folder may be needed.
  7. DNS Technology Consultants, Inc can be commissioned as a consultant or as a full web master for your web site.
  8. Everyone should consider their web site as being a 24/7 sales person for their company.

If you would like a representative from DNS Technology Consultants, Inc. to sit down and go over this plan with you, or present this plan at one of your meetings, please use our Contact Us form and we will call or e-mail you to establish an appointment.