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The Internet is a dynamic entity. Always changing and evolving which is what makes it interesting and exciting; however, many business owners become confused when it comes to competing within the global Internet market. They know and understand they must be on the Internet, but sometimes have no idea where or how to start. This is why we have created this website.

This website is meant to be a vast collection of research collected from throughout the Internet relating to Webmaster Design, Search Engine Optimization, and assistance for website owners. We will be providing various tips and articles, as well as, SEO Optimization tools that can be used for FREE to help you with the optimization of your website.

This site will never be finished and will be constantly updated as more information is found or we have tested new methods. You are invited to check back frequently or to contribute to the analysis and discussions at anytime.

Latest Posts is the first website established by DNS Technology Consultants, Inc. The main purpose of the site is to provide information to webmasters and website owners on how to maintain and optimize websites for not only Search Engine Optimization, but for conversion of potential clients to long term customers through the use of company or organization websites.

SEO Optimization

If you would need any assistance in development, hosting, social network, design, SEO Optimization, or just plain training, please feel free to contact us for a quote or a question using our contact us form.

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Website Management and SEO Optimization Tools

One of the values of using our website is the access to our FREE Website Management and SEO Optimization Tools that we have developed to help you with the optimization of your website. These are the same tools that our consultants use when working with you directly; however, we have decided to make them publically accessable.

What is SEO Optimization?

SEO Optimization (or search engine optimization) is the process of reviewing your website in regards to your competition in order to tweak certain items on the page in hopes to gain first page results on SERP (or search engine results). Most visitors on the Internet will find your website by searching for it within a search engine. They will type in certain keywords looking for information, and if your page is SEO Optimized for those keywords, your site will be presented within the top 10 results.

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